Fishery Notice: Closure of Area 4

Notice to Metlakatla Band Members:  There has recently been an increase in biotoxin contamination found in Metlakatla's clam/cockle beaches.  All FSC clam beaches in Area 4 (including Dundas Point and West Observation Point) are closed to any bivalve harvest until further notice.  Metlakatla Fisheries staff will continue to monitor the toxin levels and will notify band members when it is safe to harvest bivalves again.  If you have harvested clams or cockles during the last set of harvest tides, Metlakatla Fisheries can have your clams and cockles tested for contamination.

 MFP would also like to remind the community that buying and selling clams and other seafood without a commercial license is illegal under the Fisheries Act, and those caught buying or selling may be charged and fined.  Clams that are taken from a contaminated beach can cause sickness, and in extreme cases, death.   If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Aquatics Manager, William Beynon at: (250) 628-3315 ext. 2037


-> Please see the attached document for more details here.