Patient Transportation

Transportation for members living off-reserve

 First Nations Patient Transportation Program (FNPTP) assists with travel arrangements for First Nations people travelling to the nearest appropriate health facility for medical appointments using the most efficient and economical methods. To obtain assistance, contact the First Nations Patient Transportation Program in Prince Rupert at 624-4646 or toll free 1-888-624-5504.

Do you qualify?

If you are a registered Metlakatla Band member, you qualify for transportation assistance. The First Nations Patient Transportation Program in Prince Rupert can assist you if:

(a)    you are residing off reserve in one of the following locations: Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Terrace, Kitimat, Haida Gwaii, Hazelton, Smithers or Dease Lake, OR
(b)    you are residing on reserve in one of the following locations: Atlin, Good Hope Lake, Metlakatla, Hartley Bay, Kitkatla, Kitselas, Kitsumkalum or Port Simpson.

What FNPTP provides: 

The FNPTP is a program that is governed by rules and regulations of the First Nations Health Authority. There are very specific rules for patient transportation. Eligibility for assistance varies depending on the health condition of the patient and treatment that they will be receiving. If you need assistance, you have to provide:

• Status card and care card
• Referral letter from the specialist confirming all appointments (times, dates, addresses)
• Travel Assistance Program form from the referring doctor

You will need to discuss with the FNPTP travel clerk the specifics of your travel needs. The travel clerk will advise you of what assistance you are entitled to. There is specific criteria in order to qualify for an escort – discuss this with the travel clerk if you need an escort. You can contact the travel clerk at (250) 624 4646. 

Things to Remember:

• A doctor must refer to another physician (specialist) – patients making their own appointments will not be covered.
• If the patient leaves early for an appointment or stays longer after the appointment, the patient is responsible for all costs incurred during that time.
• Missed appointments will result in the patient being responsible to cover the costs for their next appointment.
• Escorts require written medical explanation stating why an escort is required and must be approved by the travel clerk prior to travel arrangements.
• Transportation on the Emergency Vessel from Metlakatla to Prince Rupert is for emergencies only. Pre-arrangements may also be made for specialist appointments – however 48 hour notice must be provided. Transportation via the Emergency Vessel will not be approved for regular doctor appointments or if an appointment is running late.
• Daytime emergencies in Metlakatla will be dealt with on a case-by-case situation through the Health Centre at 778 629 1080
• If you don’t agree with a FNPTP decision, you may appeal. Contact the FNPTP office to obtain instructions on how to submit an appeal 

For On-Reserve Members…

If you are a Metlakatla member living on reserve, the Metlakatla Health program will cover the costs of transportation for specialist appointments, once proof of appointment has been provided.  Please stop by the Health Centre to apply, or fax your specialist appointment confirmation to the Health Centre at (250) 628 9901.