Programs & Services

The Metlakatla Governing Council oversees a number of services in the community to ensure members have the best quality of life possible, including access to healthcare, education, recreation, social development and important information.

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  • Employment Opportunities and Database
  • Since 1850, the federal government has enacted legislation to define Indian status and band membership. Over the years, amendments to this legislation, which is commonly known as the Indian Act, have significantly changed the ways in which Indian status and band membership are determined. The Indian Registry Program is a program that is regulated and must follow policy guidelines of the Department of Indian Affairs. If you are a registered Metlakatla Band member, please contact the Indian Registry Administrator to report any of the following:

    • Birth/adoption of a child
    • Marriage/Divorce
    • Widow/widower
    • Deaths
    • Transferring of bands
    • Status cards


    This Program provides statistical information of the Metlakatla members to and is under the direct supervision of the Department of Indian Affairs. The Department of Indian Affairs can also assist any Metlakatla member with any of the above events.

    The position of Indian Registry Administrator is currently filled by Kiesha Pahl. For more information, you can contact her at


  • Health covers many topics and affects everyone from individuals to the overall community. First Nations Health is under the responsibility of the First Nations Health Authority. For individual health benefits (including Patient Transportation and Non-insured Health Benefits), Metlakatla members can log in or register for access to the members only pages.

    Metlakatla currently receives funding for the following on-reserve services: Aboriginal Head Start, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, Alcohol & Drug Program, Solvent Abuse, Brighter Futures, Mental Health, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, Communicable Disease and Injury Prevention, Drinking Water Safety Program, Community Health Nurse, Community Health Representative and operating & maintenance support.

    For those members that do not reside in Metlakatla, Northern Health is responsible for the delivery of health care across Northern BC including: acute care, mental health, public health, addictions and home & community care services.

    For more information on general health advisories, and regional programming, check out our Health Resources page

    For more information on Metlakatla’s Health Program and Services, check out the following pages:

    Metlakatla Health Centre.

    Non-Insured Health Benefits. 

  • The Metlakatla Recreation Department administers recreation services to the community of Metlakatla – to youth, elders, and everyone in between! 


  • The Metlakatla Governing Council administers an Education Program for students K-12, as well at the Aboriginal Head Start Program in Metlakatla.For more information, contact Tara J. Leighton at 250-627-8822 ext.2005.

    For Post-Secondary benefits, guidelines, eligibility for funding assistance and an application package - contact Monica Gamble at

  • The Metlakatla Communications program helps Metlakatla’s four organizations – the Treaty Office, Development Corporation, Governing Council and Stewardship Office – in reaching out to the Metlakatla membership.

    The Communications program produces a regular newsletter which you can find in our “Membership” section, here.

    For more frequent updates on programming changes, activities and events in Metlakatla, check out our community events section, here.

    Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Let us know! Please contact the Communications Program at (250) 628-3234 x 2005 to update your contact information. Metlakatla shares this information internally with our office so that we can contact you regarding events and opportunities such as job postings, food fish call outs, newsletters, meeting information, and more!

  • Social Development

    The Metlakatla Social Development Program provides financial support to eligible adults and dependents living on-reserve who are unable to meet their basic needs.

    The broad objectives of the Metlakatla Social Development Program are:

    • To assist persons living on reserve in maintaining a basic standard of living
    • To prevent dependency by developing individual and family strengths
    • To assist recipients to access services that will enhance their ability to assume primary responsibility for their own affairs


  • The Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Department in Metlakatla is responsible for the upkeep of Metlakatla’s infrastructure including sewage, roads, band-owned homes and other band owned assets - like the Metlakatla offices, waste management, water treatment, and docks.

    The O & M Department also administers a recycling program for Metlakatla. For more information on the program, please see the following page.  

  • On December 1, 2016 Metlakatla First Nation became an operational Land Code Nation.

    Metlakatla has jurisdiction on Metlakatla First Nation’s 10 Reserve lands. The authority for these decision making powers are contained within the Metlakatla First Nation Land Code, which lays out the principles, legislative and administrative structures that will apply to the management of Metlakatla’s Reserve lands.

    The Metlakatla Lands Department has been set up to establish the required planning tools, policies and laws. The Lands Department responsibilities include:
    - implementing the Land Code;
    - developing laws and policies to guide development and protection of Metlakatla      
      Reserve Lands;
    - processing land registration forms;
    - First Nation Land Registry System, document registration on Reserve Land;
    - lease and permit management for Reserve lands;
    - mapping and inventory management;
    - administrative tasks including file management and documentation/registration;
    - land policies and procedures;
    - correspondence, council meetings and reports.

    Some of our projects include…

    - Reserve Land Use Plan Law;
    - Matrimonial Real Property Law;
    - Environmental Management Plan for Reserves;
    - Reserve research;
    - Additions-to-reserve (Mission Point Road);
    - policy and protocol development (cultural heritage, camping/access);
    - GIS file management;
    - Civic address update.

    If you have any questions please contact the Meltakatla Lands Department at: or (250) 628-3234 

  • An Emergency response plan for Metlakatla village is currently being development by the Emergency Planning Committee. If you do not live in Metlakatla village, and are having an emergency, in Canada, dial 911 or contact your local RCMP or Fire Department.

    Coast Guard - 250-627-3081

    Medivacs-JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre) - 1-800-567-5111

    Prince Rupert Regional Hospital – 250-627-2171


  • Metlakatla takes pride in bringing together staff of varying backgrounds to carry out the duties required to best serve the membership. Employees are hired who have the skills experience, qualifications and competencies required for the position. Whether working for the Metlakatla Governing Council, Metlakatla Development Corporation or Metlakatla Stewardship Society, the best interests of the membership and the community are top of mind. 

    Metlakatla is an affirmative action employer and shall give favourable consideration to those who identify as Aboriginal. Accordingly, where applicants have equal or comparable skills and qualifications, Metlakatla shall give preference to those with knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of Metlakatla and those of Aboriginal descent before other applicants.

    On this page you will find information about the benefits of working with Metlakatla, as well as the most up-to-date human resources manual.