Environmental Assessments

Metlakatla participates in the Federal and Provincial environmental assessment processes in order to advocate for our best interests when companies are proposing to develop in our territory

An Environmental Assessment is undertaken if a project is large enough to trigger the Provincial or Federal Environmental Assessment (EA) processes.  When an EA is triggered, the project’s potential effects on  social, environmental, health, cultural or economic factors must all be examined and minimized to avoid significant impacts. Examples of projects in Metlakatla territory that have triggered EA processes include: :

  • Port Development Projects
  • Liquid Natural Gas 
  • Liquid Natural Gas pipelines
  • Proposed wind farms
  • Proposed mines
  • Proposed transmission lines
  • Other large scale infrastructure projects


In an Environmental Assessment, the Provincial and Federal Governments leads the review of a project application with participation of First Nations, local governments and the public. For EAs in Metlakatla territory, the Metlakatla Stewardship Office (MSO) staff are heavily involved in reviewing the proposed project and meeting with government regulators and project proponents to ensure Metlakatla interests are addressed as the project is planned. After reviewing the applications and input from First Nations and the public, the Provincial and Federal Governments decide whether to issue the project an Environmental Assessment certificate.

If EA certificates are issued, companies must also apply for a variety of permits for specific activities. Metlakatla Stewardship Office staff continue to engage with regulators and proponents during the permitting phases. Finally, if all permissions are granted, the MSO works to have a prominent role in monitoring and ensuring the long-term health of resources potentially impacted by the construction and operations of the project.

If you would like more information on the EA process, or would like to express a concern regarding a proposed project with Metlakatla staff, please contact the Metlakatla Stewardship Office at (250) 628 3315 or email Environmental Assessment Coordinator Erin Mutrie at emutrie@metlakatla.ca.


Provincial Environmental Assessment Office -  here you can find more information on the Provincal Environmental Assessments 

Federal Environmental Assessment Office - here you can find more information on the Federal Environmental Assessments