Development and Project Applications

Roles and Processes for Working in Metlakatla Territory

Recognition of Metlakatla Aboriginal Rights and Title is the foundation of our Development and Projects Application review process. Federal and Provincial agencies, in conjunction with those applying to develop in Metlakatla territory, are required to provide all  information related to project applications and engage in meaningful dialogue with the goal of reaching agreement on potential resource tenure, permit or management decisions.

Businesses and other parties proposing to use or develop natural resources in Metlakatla territory should contact the Metlakatla Stewardship Society directly, and then engage in dialogue with the goal of reaching agreement on ways the proposals or plans can benefit both parties. Our development and project application review process varies depending on the nature of the application, but is based on sustainable practices and stewardship principles to uphold the mandate of the Stewardship Society.

Where is Metlakatla Traditional Territory?

To understand the bounds of our Traditional Territory, please see this map If you want clarification as to whether your proposed project is within our Traditional Territory, or not, please contact us at

For projects that require provincial decisions, provincial engagement with Metlakatla may be guided by the BC-Coastal First Nations Reconciliation Protocol 

Still have questions?

The Metlakatla Stewardship Society asks all proponents contemplating development in Metlakatla territory to contact the MSS as early in the development process as possible.

Please contact Environmental  Assessment Manager Erin Mutrie at or call (250) 628 3315 ext. 2035.