Economic Development

The health and prosperity of the Metlakatlla First Nation depends on its capacity to adapt to the changing circumstances of the Northwest Coast Region. The Metlakatla Development Corporation - the business arm of the Metlakatla First Nation - is an active participant in economic development opportunities throughout the Prince Rupert area and has partnered with several local and regional businesses to develop successful ventures in areas ranging from transportation to heavy construction to tourism. 
Alongside these business activities are the social and environmental standards that govern MDC activities. Major priorities of the Development Corporation are to understand and support the educational requirements of the membership and to ensure that sustainable development principles addressing social, cultural, economic and environmental factors are applied to all businesses and investments. To ensure social goals are met, MDC supports ongoing capacity development through the First Nation Training and Education Centre, the development of a careers database for members and the provision of training and employment opportunities via its business ventures. MDC staff are also in close contact with the Metlakatla Stewardship Office, with an MDC representative sitting on the Stewardship Society board. This consistent communication ensures that MDC activities are in line with the environmental standards set by the Stewardship Office. 
MDC is a major economic force in Northwest British Columbia supporting economic growth of the region, the prosperity of its citizens and the maintenance of the Tsimshian culture through its numerous businesses.
  • MDC Mandate

    Metlakatla Development Corporation has the following mandate:

    • To grow Metlakatla Development Corporation’s business base through strategic joint venture opportunities arising from Commercial Agreements & Development Opportunities within Metlakatla Traditional Territory;

    • To identify new business opportunities consistent with the MDC principles of sustainable eco-based resource management;

    • To maintain and strengthen MDC’s existing business activities and essential services; and,

  • The Board of Directors consists of up to five individuals: up to two are appointed by the MDC Board, one is appointed by the Governing Council and two are elected by the Metlakatla membership every three years at the Annual General Meeting.

    The Current Board, elected for a three year term, consists of Kiesha Pahl, Miranda Leighton, Robert Nelson, Susan Nelson and Karen Jeffrey.

  • The Metlakatla Development Corporation (MDC) is an independent business arm of the Governing Council. MDC was established in 1989 to oversee the community’s economic initiatives. The following is a list of MDC's businesses. 
  • Partnering with us

    Metlakatla Development Corporation pride ourselves on our successful partnerships with local and regional businesses. Partnerships allow us to actively participate in a wide range of local economic opportunities, and provide us access to employment for members.

    Interested in partnering?

    Contact us:

    Ryan Leighton, Director of Operations, Metlakatla Development Corporation     

    PO Box 224, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3P6

    Office: 1 (250) 622-8067