Metlakatla Land Code Information

The Metlakatla Land Code was sucessfully ratified on October 15, 2016. Of the members who voted, 78% supported the Land Code. Click here for detailed results.

The Land Code initiative is about resuming and exercising control over our reserve lands. Land management involves day-to-day administration of Metlakatla lands & resources and the right to make laws in respect to those lands & resources.
The purpose of the Land Code is to set out the principles, legislative and administrative structures that will apply to Metlakatla Reserve Lands. 

Please see the Metlakatla Land Code documents below.

The Metlakatla Land Code

Summary of the Metlakatla Land Code

Metlakatla Land Code Side-by-Side Summary Explaination

Summary of the Community Ratification Process

Community Ratification Process

Summary of the Individual Agreement

Individual Agreement

To get a hard copy of any of the above documents you can email the Lands Department at:

Click here to view a video and publications about the development of the Metlakatla Land Code.