Guardian Watchmen

Given the geographic extent of Metlakatla territory and diversity of developments throughout, maintaining accurate records and monitoring activities occurring on Metlakatla lands and waters are extremely important. To work towards improving oversight of commercial, recreational, and harvesting activities in Metlakatla territory, we monitor our resources, undertake fisheries research and monitoring, and participate in the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy.

Monitoring Our Resources

Metlakatla members access natural resources throughout Metlakatla Traditional Territory every day. Members’ intimate knowledge and observations of the territory help Metlakatla monitor the health of our lands and waters and the impact of any activities. Metlakatla is also working to develop strong relationships with all tenure holders, operators, and government agencies to strengthen our monitoring efforts while ensuring all activities occurring within our boundaries are carried out in a respectful manner that is considerate of Metlakatla environmental, cultural and economic interests.

In addition to Metlakatla’s regular presence throughout our territory, we are also participants in the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network. Through the Guardian Watchmen program, knowledgeable Metlakatla community members help safeguard the health of their territory by actively monitoring local activities and promoting responsible and respectful use and enjoyment of Metlakatla’s coastal resources. For more information on Metlakatla's monitoring within the network, check out our page on the Network's website, here.


For more information on the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network, check out this video: