Lands Department

On December 1, 2016 Metlakatla First Nation became an operational Land Code Nation.

Metlakatla has jurisdiction on Metlakatla First Nation’s 10 Reserve lands. The authority for these decision making powers are contained within the Metlakatla First Nation Land Code, which lays out the principles, legislative and administrative structures that will apply to the management of Metlakatla’s Reserve lands.

The Metlakatla Lands Department has been set up to establish the required planning tools, policies and laws. The Lands Department responsibilities include:
- implementing the Land Code;
- developing laws and policies to guide development and protection of Metlakatla      
  Reserve Lands;
- processing land registration forms;
- First Nation Land Registry System, document registration on Reserve Land;
- lease and permit management for Reserve lands;
- mapping and inventory management;
- administrative tasks including file management and documentation/registration;
- land policies and procedures;
- correspondence, council meetings and reports.

Some of our projects include…

- Reserve Land Use Plan Law;
- Matrimonial Real Property Law;
- Environmental Management Plan for Reserves;
- Reserve research;
- Additions-to-reserve (Mission Point Road);
- policy and protocol development (cultural heritage, camping/access);
- GIS file management;
- Civic address update.

If you have any questions please contact the Meltakatla Lands Department at: or (250) 628-3234