MDC Education, Training and Employment Strategy - Submit your resume for a chance to win a cash prize!

The Metlakatla Development Corporation has developed an Education, Training and
Employment Strategy
 to prepare and support members in their wellness, education, and
employment readiness in order to move into job and career opportunities in and around
Metlakatla and Prince Rupert.

This strategy includes the implementation of an Employment Database for Metlakatla
members. So what does this mean for Metlakatla members? How will the database help
Metlakatla members?
Why do we need a database?

  • We need this information in order to provide members with employment  opportunities. 
  • We need this information to know what kinds of jobs and careers are currently available and will be available.
  • We need to know what kinds of programs, services and supports members will need to complete training and enter employment.
  • We need to plan funding, partnerships and joint ventures and Metlakatla business development.
  • We need the database to link members with employment opportunities in and near our communities.

The Metlakatla Employment Database is an excellent tool that can assist in meeting all of these
needs, however, the tool is only useful if it is being utilized.

In an effort to get as many Metlakatla members onto the database as possible, MDC is offering
each member that enters their resume information onto the database the chance to win $500
cash!! If you would like to get your resume onto the database and the chance to win $500
cash, please contact Tara J. Leighton, Employment Coordinator, at the Coastal Training Centre
at (250) 627-8822 or send her an e-mail at

All resumes must be entered into the database by Thursday, 15 December 2016 in order to be
eligible for the draw. (All members participating in the draw must log into the database to
ensure the accuracy of their information and that there are no outstanding details that they
need to add in order to be eligible for the draw). The draw will be held on Wednesday, 25
January 2017.